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        Wraps Platter 20/8" cut in 1/2 Wraps/Pic 5 types of wraps

        Wraps Platter 20/8" cut in half

        $165.00 Show options

        Cold Sub Platters 16/6" cut in 1/2 Subs/Pic 4 types of sub

        Cold Sub Platters 16/6" cut in half

        $132.00 Show options

        Danish Mini & Cake Platter Assorted 48 pcs

        48 Assorted Mini Danish Platter   

        $55.00 Show options

        Cold Cut Platter 18" Platter 10 lbs

        FEEDS ABOUT 40 - . Roast Beef, Salami, Ham Capicola, Turkey, American Cheese, Ham,  Pepper Jack Cheese, Swiss Cheese, Provolone. Soft Dinner rolls, condiments, plates, napkins, cutlery. other options available, email...

        $120.00 Show options

        Shrimp Extra Large 31/40 - Cocktail Platter

         lemon wedges, cocktail sauce, horseradish about 105 Shrimp  

        $91.80 Show options

        Cupcake Platter Assorted 24 pcs

        different variations available for specific orders need 1 week notice. but cupcakes are always available  

        $50.00 Show options

        Cookie Platter Assorted

        different variations available  

        $55.00 Show options

        6 Foot ITALIAN (Pre-Cut Serves 20-30)

        6 Foot Pre-Cut Sub (Serves 20-30)

        $180.50 – $200.00 Show optionsShow options

        3 Foot Italian Sub (Pre-Cut Serves 9-15)

        3 Foot Pre-Cut Sub (Serves 9-15)

        $95.00 – $110.00 Show optionsShow options

        Platter over stuffed Pastrami, Reuben, Corn Beef on Rye Platter, see description

        Premium cold cut sandwiches on rye, cut in half, tooth picks inserted. comes with cold slaw and pickles, Mayo Mustard. Full Tray Entrée Serves 20-25 as main dish & 30-40 as...

        $153.00 Show options